Sunday, April 19, 2009

Me, Myself and Red Devil (Part 1)

Tonight, there’ll be an FA Cup Semi Final between Manchester United and Everton. Thinking of that match, I was smiling alone when I realize that I started to support Manchester United also when they faced Everton during 1993/1994 FA Cup Final. At that time, I was in standard 5 in primary school and before Manchester United, the only team I supported was Kedah FC! Because Malaysia league at that time (Liga Semi-Pro) was very competitive and entertaining compare to nowadays in term of quality and level of performance (anyone who didn’t agree with me, I’m sorry). It was so exciting to watch Malaysian league at that time and it even made me didn’t bother about English Premier League or other European leagues and competitions.

Maybe I started seriously to watch international football was during World Cup USA 1994. I bought the Official World Cup Guide Book published by New Straits Times from the bookstore in front of my school (SRK Kota, Kota Bharu) & of course I still remember the player at the cover page was a Colombian star, Carlos Valderrama who had a very unique hairstyle. At that time, my favourite player was Roberto Baggio & sadly, Italy lost to Brazil in the final at the Rosebowl Stadium because he didn’t scored his penalty kick, huhu..! Even without England, for me 1994 edition was the best World Cup tornament I ever experienced in my life..!

Ok, now back to my main intention for writing this post, hehehe. When I started to support MU during that 1993/1994 FA Cup, their reputation was already among the top. However, the league was lead and won by Blackburn which the main factor because of their deadly striker, Alan Shearer. So MU was desperate to win something on that season and their only chance was FA Cup. But, on that final match which broadcasted live in Malaysian tube, (RTM or TV3..?), they didn’t have luck and lost to Everton by 0-1 and I still remember the great performance by Everton’s chubby keeper Neville Southall! But I was getting excited to watch the like of MU players such as Giggs, Sharpe, Cantona, Bruce, Pallister, Keane, Schmeichel, Kanchelskis and Irwin. Although they lost, their style of gameplay was very entertaining to watch.

The next season, the league was dominated by Newcastle which again the main factor because of Alan Shearer who I thought made a British transfer record on that time by moving from Blackburn (he was truly legend!). But when the league was reaching the end, I remember MU caught Newcastle several points (14 points I think) from behind & won the league! That season, I remember that 2 MU players who play the main factor behind the success were Cantona & Ince. At the same time, the young David Beckham, Paul Scholes & Gary Neville also started to catch the eye of the world.

I don’t know but maybe the main reason why I started to like MU at that time was because of their gameplay, style and skills from each player. There were a lot of goals created by the combination of Giggs’s hardwork & skill, Cantona and Andy Cole’s (just came from Newcastle) finishes, Keane and McClairs’s command and Kanchelskis’s running (just mentioned a few names). Also several goals from the tall Steve Bruce and Gary Palister who always scored from the corner kick (just like what Vidic and Ferdinand did today). Those two legends also created a very strong partnership at the back with Dennis Irwin and Paul Parker who later was replaced by the young Gary Neville. The strong fortress created by big Schmeichel also must be remembered beside all the goals scored.

Oopss, MU vs Everton match is about to start. I'll continue again next time. (Lagi pun kalo panjang2 kang koang bosan plak), haha..!

To be continued...


mizie said...

wah best betul historical info ko buat ek...aku nk buat jgk boleh???hehehe

Khairul Aiman Nasution, said...

MUCHAS GRACIAS, hehe..._nak buat jugak..?_ler, buat jer la, sama2 fan MU, no hal nye, hehe..._Glory2 Man Utd..!