Monday, June 1, 2009

Battle With Hemorrhoids - 18SX..? (Part 1)

Day 1 (09.05.2009) Saturday

It was almost 1 week since I suffered the painful of hemorrhoids ('buasir' la senang citer, dah xder malu dah, sakit punya pasal..!) and its getting worst day by day... I remembered driving to Melaka for project meeting on Tuesday with that piece of meat sticking outside my butt and its really painful..! This morning, I can't afford to wait again and without further thinking (potong pun potong la..!), i drove alone (sambil tertonggeng skit) to Ampang Puteri Medical Hospital to consult with the specialist there... His name was Dr. Shuaib, 1 of general surgeon in the hospital... After examine my hemorrhoids, he suggest for me to have an operation... Spontaneously, I agreed with him...

"But the cost will be almost RM7000..." "Hah, nak potong buasir skit pun lagi mahal dari kos orang nak bersalin..?!" (dalam hati jer la..!) Cekik darah betul private hospital nih... I decide to ask my mom's opinion and she told me its better to have a treatment in Putrajaya Hospital (1/2 goverment 1/2 private) because the cost absolutely lesser than that...

Putrajaya Hospital: Nicer and more beautiful than Ampang Puteri Hospital, even cheaper in their treatment..!

And at 3p.m after 2nd "Butt Show" to the doctor and blood test, for the 1st time ever in my life, i've been admitted into Ward 3A General Surgey at Putrajaya Hospital... From that moment, the episode of boredom has begun... My ward cattered 4 beds and 2 were unoccupied... The only other patient, 10 years old boy who had a collusion accident with motorcycle in front of his school... The mother said that his son was admitted into the ward 3 days ago and he is recovering well...

The 1st night, the specialist, Dr. Hari came and examine my hemorrhoids and he suggest for me to wait for 2-3 days before deciding whether necessary to have operation or not... After saying that, he said he is going to push in the hemorrhoids manually into my ass (hah, kena rodok la aku camni..!) Before that, he gave me a sedation because he said its going to be painful and a few hours later when I awoke, the blood already smeared on my bed with a cotton sticked right in my butt..! ARGHHHHH..!!!

Putrajaya panoramic night view from the window of my ward

Day 2 (10.05.2009) Sunday

This morning, a young female doctor who inserted a needle in my hand vein as 'in line' last night checked my butt again (memang maruah aku dah tergadai sepanjang berada dalam wad ni..!) and she pulled out the ice tube that Dr. Hari putted inside my butt last night, ARRGGHHH..! After that, maybe because of constipation medicine I took last night, its became easier for me during evacuated in the toilet (although still painful, huhu).

Putrajaya morning view: Ministry of Finance building & Putrajaya Lake clearly can be seen from my bed

This afternoon, for the second time, Dr. Hari came again and he examined more carefully on my hemorrhoids. He told me that I must wait for 2 more days for operation. This is because, at the moment its hard for them to differentiate between hemorrhoids and butt muscle. He said, if they accidentally cut the butt muscle, absolutely I will suffer for my entire life because I cannot control the exit process of my excrement (shit la senang citer). And again, just like last night, after gave me a sedation, he 'rodok' my butt again for 2nd time..! When I woke up (about 2 hours later), the blood already smeared on my bed again, OUUHHHHH..!

Suddenly, I realized how fast the effect of sedation was, just after about 30 seconds they put the liquid inside my in-line, I fall unconcious immediately for 2 hours..! This evening, my family came and little bit it reduce my boredom and sorrowness... Before that, 1 new patient, an old man who suffered 'yellow' disease had been admitted into the ward.

Day 3 (11.05.2009) Monday

This morning, for the 1st time, a doctor came together with a group of medical students to access each patient in the ward. Most of junior female students are quite pretty, haha..! But to make it really bad, I have to show off my butt in front of them, ARGGGHHH, where is my dignity???!!! I could see the female students smiling among themselves (siot tul..!)..!

This afternoon, for the 1st time since entering the ward, I took my bath..! At the same time, the doctor also ordered me to do a silt bath (by soaking my butt into the basin with sterilized and salted water mixed with hot water). Honestly, its quite difficult for me to do that because the movement of my left hand is limited because of the 'in-line' needle that sticking in my hand veins plus the hemorrhoids painful itself..!

After that, I felt more fresh and continuing reading "The Forgotten Garden". Thanks God i had this novel to entertain myself in the ward. Nice storyline and I hoped can finish it before been discharge from the ward.

My best companion for 6 days

In the evening, 2 nursing students came and asked me to answer their academic questionnaires. The first 1 was international student from Sudan & the 2nd one was local Malay student. A few moments after that, I'm being interviewed again. This time by 2 female medical students who were asking about my detail and my sickness. Why on earth all these people kept choosing me for interview rather than other patients in the ward..??!!! "Layankan jer la..!" This night before sleep, I was quite nervous because tomorrow the doctor will decide when my operation will take its place.

To be continued... (Day 4: The Judgement Day, Day 5 and Day 6)


kash berimbun said...

sengal la abg iman.. hahahaha!! sah-sah la pmpuan2 yang dtg intrview 2 nak usya abg iman je. huahahaha.

NeEM™ of Suicide Park said...

by the way, abt the sedation...
mungkin la org yg meliwat lelaki dewasa guna sedatif tu.haha.. ok, no hard feeling. I'm being sarscastic here.

Jz dat it reminds me of kes liwat Anwar he managed to rodok an adult man.

and Kash is right, sengal la abg Iman ni..haha

cino said...

Aiman..Aiman,first of all I'd like to express my sympathy and felt sorry for what you've been through in your early stage of life. But anyway, thanks for sharing the experience.
Your short novel kind of story makes me smile by myself with sometimes a dirty flash imagination projecting from my cheeky thoughts.
You are lucky being taking care by Dr Hari and not Dr 'Hari2mau' who might manually push 'his' something in yours.(Cheeky thoughts)
Those medical students smiling among themselves not because of your sticking flesh at your butt, but it's the two balls hanging haggardness (lesu) below your sticking flesh. (Cheeky thoughts)
Anyway, hope for your fast recovering, back to a normal and healthy life ahead.

smallBOSS said...

So sorry to hear what you've been through. But please continue your story, can't help to know further

mizie's life said...

hopefully ko akan sehat sejahtera selepas ney...

thoyol said...


thanks for sharing the experience. good+nice one i guess.

but memang aku nak gelak kaw-kaw dulu.. Hahahahaha...


get well soon bro..

Anonymous said...

aiman... aku simpati terhadap jenayah seksual yang berlaku terhadap mu....
tak nak buat repot ker...(ada bau politik sket nih hahahaha)

get well soon..walaupun aku terlambat sebab taktau b*nt*tmu di robek

sahabat qaribmu..epoy..

yanafarhana said...

Aiman.. why not telling.. ayway aku aku harap penyakit ko semakin pulih....i can feel it from the story... Ur story can give inspiration to anyone reading it...inspirasi untuk berjaga terhadap kesihatan, pasni aku akn sentiasa berhati2 dan menjaga diri sendiri dengan jayanya... once da kene.. huhu.... tak sanggup menghadapinya. anyway semoga cepat semboh taw...