Sunday, July 19, 2009

Battle With Hemorrhoids - 18SX..? (Part 2)

Day 4: The Judgement Day (12.05.2009) Tuesday

About 2 o'clock early in the morning, I was awaken by a rushing sound in my ward. A new patient had been accomodated beside me and from what I heard from their discussion, a guy was involved in motorcycle accident and dislocated his shoulder, ouuhh..! I continued my sleep by thinking I might had an operation tomorrow so that I should have enough rest for that purpose.

At 10.30 a.m, Dr. Hussein (1st time i meet him) came to examine me together with his clicks. Unlike Dr. Hari, confidently he recommend me to have an operation by today..! DAMN..! On that moment, I felt relief because finally the suffer will end in a few days but at the same time, I felt quite nervous by thinking that I'm going to have my 1st surgery operation in my entire life tonight..! I called my abah for his opinion and kindly abah said, "choose what the best for you", and that phrase absolutely gave me confident to say "yes, I agree" to the doctor.

Another different point of view towards my bed curtain :-)

At 6.30 p.m, Ardi, Gee and Deena came visiting. I realized, maybe I just admitted into ward for 4 days but I felt it was quite a long time since the last time I met my dearest friends and laugh with them. Mama and Anis also came a few moment later. They stayed until the end of visiting hours at 8 o'clock. Right after Mama and Anis left, the doctor came to inform me that my surgery will be started at 9 p.m. The nurse started to put insuline in my "in-line" and gave a surgery cap for me to wear.

Then I've been transferred onto moveable bed and they bring me towards operation room at level 1. My heart started pounding faster than normal from that moment..! Before the operation, the doctor asked my signature for GA (General Anaesthesia) permission. She said, during operation I will completely unconcious. Above me, there was a big surgery spotlight which I can only see in television before. Then, they put the anaesthesia mask onto my face which fully covered my nose and mouth. At the same time, they put a sedation into my "in-line" tube. In my heart, I spoke the syahadah words, praising God and Prophet S.A.W. A few moment later, I fall asleep... zzzzzzzz...

"Dik, bangun dik, operation adik dah siap", the 1st words I heard when I opened my eyes. The room was so cold and it made me trembling. I also can feel the pain in my ass, ouuhhh..! Pedih siot..! Slowly, I asked the doctor what time was it, and she answered 10.40... Hmm, the overall period of my operation took about one & half hour... A few minutes later, slowly they transferred me again onto another moveable bed, ouwwhh, "Rileks-rileks, slow-slow, b*nt*t aku baru lepas operate ni..!" (dalam hati)...

In ward, Mama and Abah already sitting there waiting for me... At the same time, I felt very thirsty and asked my mother to help me giving plain water direct into my mouth because I can't even manage to raise my body... After having a few talks, Abah have to leave because he got some important works to be finished. Mama stayed and slept on the chair beside me until morning, thanks Mama...

Day 5 (13.05.2009) Wednesday

Somewhere around 5a.m, the nurse woke me up to change the insuline bottle and gave me a tablet of painkiller. Yes, I really need that... Meanwhile, I felt that the blood which smeared all over my pad from last night operation was almost dried. I realize that Mama still slept deeply beside my bed (sian Mama, she's really tired maybe)...

I couldn't continue my sleep because the wound inside my butt is still 'pedih'... Just imagined how the operation going on last night, after the doctors cut the hemorrhoid, they push it back a little into the original position into my colon and sewed it by using stapler..! Arghhh... When I remembered that process, automatically I will shake my head slowly...

A box of equipment including the cutter and stapler been used for my operation

At 7a.m, Mama went back to home and came back at 9a.m... While Mama going home, I felt really uncomfortable (leaning on the bed full of dried blood) and the nurse who realized my uneasy condition asked me wether I want to take a bath on that time... "A'ah", answered me... Then she helped me to stand out slowly from the bed, ouwwhhh..!!! Mama arrived when I was about to enter the bathroom and she surprised a little bit when seeing me walked slowly towards the bathroom, hehe... Before that, the nurse urged me to do 'silt bath' while bathing, oh nooo..!

Silt water or 'air garam' used together with hot water to soak my b*tt!!!

During my 'silt bathing' process, suddenly I realized that 1 of the staples used by the doctor to sewed by hemorrhoid last night was coming out from my b*tt..! I thought the form of the staple itself should be something different because the doctor said the type of the staple is naturally disposable in my body... But when I took a look carefully and I felt it by using my fingers, it almost looks like our office steel staples..! Huhu..!!!

Going out from the bathroom, I'm quite surprised when seeing my office mate, Feyrees with his wife arrived in my ward and he was talking with my Mama... Hehe... Feyrees also going to have a minor operation in this hospital which the surgery also related with his b*tt, haha... Its funny to think that two staffs from the same office having a butt related operation in the same hospital in almost the same day..! Haha..!!! (ooppsss, x bley gelak kuat2, sakittt..!!!)

After changing myself, I requested to transfer into more private room and immediately I've been transferred into 2 bedded ward which was more comfortable and have more privacy (especially just two persons instead of four sharing 1 bathroom..!)... After found out that my condition was ok, mom left after Zohor... Feyrees came to my ward and we had a lot of chit chattin though I'm still tired... In the evening, my school friends, Farid, Zulf and Hariz came visiting me... Thanx bros..! And thanks God because I didn't feel to 'poop' today because of my fasting yesterday... Can't imagined how to 'poop' right after having the operation..!

The doctor, Miss Lee came at night examined my condition and she said I can discharge out from the hospital by tomorrow... "Alhamdulillah"... But, 1 last thing that I still felt scary is the moment I'm going to 'poop' tomorrow, "Tidakkk..!!!"

Day 6: Last Day (14.05.2009) Thursday

My last hospital lunch...

This morning, I asked one more painkiller tablet from the nurse because I'm very worried about 'pooping' after this..! Somewhere around 7.30a.m., my stomach start to feel 'something' want to comeout... OMG..! "Please God, if its going hurt, ease the pain..!" I closed my eye tightly when the 'process' began, and... Owh no, I'm very surprise, I didn't feel any serious pain..! For me, it's quite a miracle, haha..! Thanks God..! Marvelous work from Dr. Hussein and again, Thanks God for making it easy for me..! I still remember during that moment, I felt verrryyy relieve..!

At 11.00 a.m., my ex-school mate, Bobby came visiting me... Thanx bro... Bobby is one of my friend who like to make 'lawak bodo'... So I warned him earlier to avoid that habit on that moment so that I won't suffered from laughing heavily..! (again, by laughing, coughing, 'bersin' etc. will give a pressure into our inner butt :-P )...

Approximately at 1 p.m. my father arrived to help me checking out from the ward... After we settled all the payment with the hospital, I went up again to met all the doctors and nurses who kindly treated me since my 1st day in the ward... 'Rasa la sedih skit2, huhu'...

I felt a feel of 'release' when I coming out from the hospital and walking to the car, by feeling the warmth of sunshine right above my head and the width of the open space after almost 1 week stayed 'indoor'... It's good to see all the trees along the Putrajaya highway from the window of my father's car... and also the boys and girls who on their way back from school...

Thanks Allah for making me more realize about the important of good health... :-)


Anoneemus™ said...

Aih.lama benor teman nunggu kamu abihkan kisah.

Anyway, thanx for the nice story that teach all of us to appreciate health and life =)

epoi kacak said...

hahahaha aku gelak lagi buat ke berapa kali dah hahahahaha

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