Sunday, July 19, 2009

Battle With Hemorrhoids - 18SX..? (Part 2)

Day 4: The Judgement Day (12.05.2009) Tuesday

About 2 o'clock early in the morning, I was awaken by a rushing sound in my ward. A new patient had been accomodated beside me and from what I heard from their discussion, a guy was involved in motorcycle accident and dislocated his shoulder, ouuhh..! I continued my sleep by thinking I might had an operation tomorrow so that I should have enough rest for that purpose.

At 10.30 a.m, Dr. Hussein (1st time i meet him) came to examine me together with his clicks. Unlike Dr. Hari, confidently he recommend me to have an operation by today..! DAMN..! On that moment, I felt relief because finally the suffer will end in a few days but at the same time, I felt quite nervous by thinking that I'm going to have my 1st surgery operation in my entire life tonight..! I called my abah for his opinion and kindly abah said, "choose what the best for you", and that phrase absolutely gave me confident to say "yes, I agree" to the doctor.

Another different point of view towards my bed curtain :-)

At 6.30 p.m, Ardi, Gee and Deena came visiting. I realized, maybe I just admitted into ward for 4 days but I felt it was quite a long time since the last time I met my dearest friends and laugh with them. Mama and Anis also came a few moment later. They stayed until the end of visiting hours at 8 o'clock. Right after Mama and Anis left, the doctor came to inform me that my surgery will be started at 9 p.m. The nurse started to put insuline in my "in-line" and gave a surgery cap for me to wear.

Then I've been transferred onto moveable bed and they bring me towards operation room at level 1. My heart started pounding faster than normal from that moment..! Before the operation, the doctor asked my signature for GA (General Anaesthesia) permission. She said, during operation I will completely unconcious. Above me, there was a big surgery spotlight which I can only see in television before. Then, they put the anaesthesia mask onto my face which fully covered my nose and mouth. At the same time, they put a sedation into my "in-line" tube. In my heart, I spoke the syahadah words, praising God and Prophet S.A.W. A few moment later, I fall asleep... zzzzzzzz...

"Dik, bangun dik, operation adik dah siap", the 1st words I heard when I opened my eyes. The room was so cold and it made me trembling. I also can feel the pain in my ass, ouuhhh..! Pedih siot..! Slowly, I asked the doctor what time was it, and she answered 10.40... Hmm, the overall period of my operation took about one & half hour... A few minutes later, slowly they transferred me again onto another moveable bed, ouwwhh, "Rileks-rileks, slow-slow, b*nt*t aku baru lepas operate ni..!" (dalam hati)...

In ward, Mama and Abah already sitting there waiting for me... At the same time, I felt very thirsty and asked my mother to help me giving plain water direct into my mouth because I can't even manage to raise my body... After having a few talks, Abah have to leave because he got some important works to be finished. Mama stayed and slept on the chair beside me until morning, thanks Mama...

Day 5 (13.05.2009) Wednesday

Somewhere around 5a.m, the nurse woke me up to change the insuline bottle and gave me a tablet of painkiller. Yes, I really need that... Meanwhile, I felt that the blood which smeared all over my pad from last night operation was almost dried. I realize that Mama still slept deeply beside my bed (sian Mama, she's really tired maybe)...

I couldn't continue my sleep because the wound inside my butt is still 'pedih'... Just imagined how the operation going on last night, after the doctors cut the hemorrhoid, they push it back a little into the original position into my colon and sewed it by using stapler..! Arghhh... When I remembered that process, automatically I will shake my head slowly...

A box of equipment including the cutter and stapler been used for my operation

At 7a.m, Mama went back to home and came back at 9a.m... While Mama going home, I felt really uncomfortable (leaning on the bed full of dried blood) and the nurse who realized my uneasy condition asked me wether I want to take a bath on that time... "A'ah", answered me... Then she helped me to stand out slowly from the bed, ouwwhhh..!!! Mama arrived when I was about to enter the bathroom and she surprised a little bit when seeing me walked slowly towards the bathroom, hehe... Before that, the nurse urged me to do 'silt bath' while bathing, oh nooo..!

Silt water or 'air garam' used together with hot water to soak my b*tt!!!

During my 'silt bathing' process, suddenly I realized that 1 of the staples used by the doctor to sewed by hemorrhoid last night was coming out from my b*tt..! I thought the form of the staple itself should be something different because the doctor said the type of the staple is naturally disposable in my body... But when I took a look carefully and I felt it by using my fingers, it almost looks like our office steel staples..! Huhu..!!!

Going out from the bathroom, I'm quite surprised when seeing my office mate, Feyrees with his wife arrived in my ward and he was talking with my Mama... Hehe... Feyrees also going to have a minor operation in this hospital which the surgery also related with his b*tt, haha... Its funny to think that two staffs from the same office having a butt related operation in the same hospital in almost the same day..! Haha..!!! (ooppsss, x bley gelak kuat2, sakittt..!!!)

After changing myself, I requested to transfer into more private room and immediately I've been transferred into 2 bedded ward which was more comfortable and have more privacy (especially just two persons instead of four sharing 1 bathroom..!)... After found out that my condition was ok, mom left after Zohor... Feyrees came to my ward and we had a lot of chit chattin though I'm still tired... In the evening, my school friends, Farid, Zulf and Hariz came visiting me... Thanx bros..! And thanks God because I didn't feel to 'poop' today because of my fasting yesterday... Can't imagined how to 'poop' right after having the operation..!

The doctor, Miss Lee came at night examined my condition and she said I can discharge out from the hospital by tomorrow... "Alhamdulillah"... But, 1 last thing that I still felt scary is the moment I'm going to 'poop' tomorrow, "Tidakkk..!!!"

Day 6: Last Day (14.05.2009) Thursday

My last hospital lunch...

This morning, I asked one more painkiller tablet from the nurse because I'm very worried about 'pooping' after this..! Somewhere around 7.30a.m., my stomach start to feel 'something' want to comeout... OMG..! "Please God, if its going hurt, ease the pain..!" I closed my eye tightly when the 'process' began, and... Owh no, I'm very surprise, I didn't feel any serious pain..! For me, it's quite a miracle, haha..! Thanks God..! Marvelous work from Dr. Hussein and again, Thanks God for making it easy for me..! I still remember during that moment, I felt verrryyy relieve..!

At 11.00 a.m., my ex-school mate, Bobby came visiting me... Thanx bro... Bobby is one of my friend who like to make 'lawak bodo'... So I warned him earlier to avoid that habit on that moment so that I won't suffered from laughing heavily..! (again, by laughing, coughing, 'bersin' etc. will give a pressure into our inner butt :-P )...

Approximately at 1 p.m. my father arrived to help me checking out from the ward... After we settled all the payment with the hospital, I went up again to met all the doctors and nurses who kindly treated me since my 1st day in the ward... 'Rasa la sedih skit2, huhu'...

I felt a feel of 'release' when I coming out from the hospital and walking to the car, by feeling the warmth of sunshine right above my head and the width of the open space after almost 1 week stayed 'indoor'... It's good to see all the trees along the Putrajaya highway from the window of my father's car... and also the boys and girls who on their way back from school...

Thanks Allah for making me more realize about the important of good health... :-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Battle With Hemorrhoids - 18SX..? (Part 1)

Day 1 (09.05.2009) Saturday

It was almost 1 week since I suffered the painful of hemorrhoids ('buasir' la senang citer, dah xder malu dah, sakit punya pasal..!) and its getting worst day by day... I remembered driving to Melaka for project meeting on Tuesday with that piece of meat sticking outside my butt and its really painful..! This morning, I can't afford to wait again and without further thinking (potong pun potong la..!), i drove alone (sambil tertonggeng skit) to Ampang Puteri Medical Hospital to consult with the specialist there... His name was Dr. Shuaib, 1 of general surgeon in the hospital... After examine my hemorrhoids, he suggest for me to have an operation... Spontaneously, I agreed with him...

"But the cost will be almost RM7000..." "Hah, nak potong buasir skit pun lagi mahal dari kos orang nak bersalin..?!" (dalam hati jer la..!) Cekik darah betul private hospital nih... I decide to ask my mom's opinion and she told me its better to have a treatment in Putrajaya Hospital (1/2 goverment 1/2 private) because the cost absolutely lesser than that...

Putrajaya Hospital: Nicer and more beautiful than Ampang Puteri Hospital, even cheaper in their treatment..!

And at 3p.m after 2nd "Butt Show" to the doctor and blood test, for the 1st time ever in my life, i've been admitted into Ward 3A General Surgey at Putrajaya Hospital... From that moment, the episode of boredom has begun... My ward cattered 4 beds and 2 were unoccupied... The only other patient, 10 years old boy who had a collusion accident with motorcycle in front of his school... The mother said that his son was admitted into the ward 3 days ago and he is recovering well...

The 1st night, the specialist, Dr. Hari came and examine my hemorrhoids and he suggest for me to wait for 2-3 days before deciding whether necessary to have operation or not... After saying that, he said he is going to push in the hemorrhoids manually into my ass (hah, kena rodok la aku camni..!) Before that, he gave me a sedation because he said its going to be painful and a few hours later when I awoke, the blood already smeared on my bed with a cotton sticked right in my butt..! ARGHHHHH..!!!

Putrajaya panoramic night view from the window of my ward

Day 2 (10.05.2009) Sunday

This morning, a young female doctor who inserted a needle in my hand vein as 'in line' last night checked my butt again (memang maruah aku dah tergadai sepanjang berada dalam wad ni..!) and she pulled out the ice tube that Dr. Hari putted inside my butt last night, ARRGGHHH..! After that, maybe because of constipation medicine I took last night, its became easier for me during evacuated in the toilet (although still painful, huhu).

Putrajaya morning view: Ministry of Finance building & Putrajaya Lake clearly can be seen from my bed

This afternoon, for the second time, Dr. Hari came again and he examined more carefully on my hemorrhoids. He told me that I must wait for 2 more days for operation. This is because, at the moment its hard for them to differentiate between hemorrhoids and butt muscle. He said, if they accidentally cut the butt muscle, absolutely I will suffer for my entire life because I cannot control the exit process of my excrement (shit la senang citer). And again, just like last night, after gave me a sedation, he 'rodok' my butt again for 2nd time..! When I woke up (about 2 hours later), the blood already smeared on my bed again, OUUHHHHH..!

Suddenly, I realized how fast the effect of sedation was, just after about 30 seconds they put the liquid inside my in-line, I fall unconcious immediately for 2 hours..! This evening, my family came and little bit it reduce my boredom and sorrowness... Before that, 1 new patient, an old man who suffered 'yellow' disease had been admitted into the ward.

Day 3 (11.05.2009) Monday

This morning, for the 1st time, a doctor came together with a group of medical students to access each patient in the ward. Most of junior female students are quite pretty, haha..! But to make it really bad, I have to show off my butt in front of them, ARGGGHHH, where is my dignity???!!! I could see the female students smiling among themselves (siot tul..!)..!

This afternoon, for the 1st time since entering the ward, I took my bath..! At the same time, the doctor also ordered me to do a silt bath (by soaking my butt into the basin with sterilized and salted water mixed with hot water). Honestly, its quite difficult for me to do that because the movement of my left hand is limited because of the 'in-line' needle that sticking in my hand veins plus the hemorrhoids painful itself..!

After that, I felt more fresh and continuing reading "The Forgotten Garden". Thanks God i had this novel to entertain myself in the ward. Nice storyline and I hoped can finish it before been discharge from the ward.

My best companion for 6 days

In the evening, 2 nursing students came and asked me to answer their academic questionnaires. The first 1 was international student from Sudan & the 2nd one was local Malay student. A few moments after that, I'm being interviewed again. This time by 2 female medical students who were asking about my detail and my sickness. Why on earth all these people kept choosing me for interview rather than other patients in the ward..??!!! "Layankan jer la..!" This night before sleep, I was quite nervous because tomorrow the doctor will decide when my operation will take its place.

To be continued... (Day 4: The Judgement Day, Day 5 and Day 6)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Title: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Directed by: Gavin Hood
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Just got back from watchin dis movie during midnite show at Alamanda Putrajaya, I think i was smiling alone a little bit..!_Coz, b4 dis, all X-Men franchise never let me down n pretty enjoyable..._This time, it continue dat reputation again...

I think i want to start from the opening credit..._They were really beautiful n well made, by showing the relationship between Victor and Logan with their involvement in a lot of past civil and world wars..._But, after dat, honestly, during the 1st 30 minutes of the movie, I felt its going to be a 'K.O' movie by take a look at the 'important' mission in Nigeria which looks like a low class+cheap movie scene..._Also by take a look at the choice of a few actors which for me not quite suite with the supposedly character of superheroes..._Especially Will.I.Am, who play John Wraith, everytime he appeared on the screen, i felt funny just by looking a his face..!_And Liv Schreiber, although his act was a top class performance as Wolverine's 'brother' (it's their love/hate relationship that is the main subject in this story n that really keeps it interesting), 4 me his body was too small to play Sabertooth character (i think Sabertooth in the first X-Men movie was far more realistic)..._But after all those craps, the movie slowly redeem its X-Men's prestige when it started to focus on Logan's life...

Obviously, the top plaudit & award in this movie is belong to Hugh Jackman himself..._Beside the effective act, his physical which is tougher dis time became more suitable for Wolverine character compare to his appearance in 3 previous films (I wonder what Jackman's workout program was..!)..._His anger, cool n grudge are well spelt out in order to show the origin of Wolverine..._Logan still feel confuse n guilty from killing his own father n try to forget all the bad memories by living as an ordinary human being, working as a lumberjack at beautiful Canadian mountainous forest with his beautiful wife (superhero in disguise)..._When Sabertooth started to make a comeback in Logan's life, the excitement begun from there..._Logan's emotional n mental sickness response after the 'death' of his wife are well performed by Hugh...

All the action and fighting scene are well done..._Especially in the final fight between Wolverine and Sabertooth vs Weapon XI on nuclear reactor..._The special effects can be considered as visually stunning n for me, dis film is the beginning of what will surely be mind-blowing visual effects at the movies dis summer (can't wait on Transformers II, Terminator and Harry Potter..!)..._I was very excited to see Gambit n his card abilities in the movie but oohh dear, unfortunately, his screen time was very limited...

Surprisingly, the ending was the most satisfying part of the film..._All the subplots reach their objective, it makes sense & the loose ends that fans of the first 3 films will notice get tied up fittingly at the end..._I mean we can understand easily why at the beginning of the X-Men 1, Wolverine was walking alone, wandering without having a true destination n at the same time, trying to remember his past (although, i felt the cause of his lost memory was because of Adamantium Bullet is too simple..!)..._I admit dat i'm not a die-hard marvel comic fan but I enjoyed dis movie based on the action sequences n explanation of Wolverine's past which leads up to the X-Men series, simply like dat...

Overall, 4 me dis movie is not as bad as what some people say n at the same time is also not as well as what other people say..._But it is somewhere in the middle where you can enjoy watching it..._Mostly because Hugh Jackman performance as Wolverine which for me was so effective n the action sequences were well made enough..._Of course dis movie is worth your money to watch in cinemas..._Me myself saw dis movie on midnight show n don't regret it at all...

Well explanation of Wolverines characters past...

My Personal Rating:
7 out of 10...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Me, Myself and Red Devil (Part 2)

Wuuuwuuuwuuu...(still sedih and tension ngan kekalahan MU in FA Cup baru2 ni). Seems like the history repeated again. Why..? Coincidently, I first adored MU 15 years ago when we lost to Everton in FA Cup, huhu..! And last time, right after I wrote 'Me, Myself and Red Devil (Part 1)', we lost to the same team, also in FA Cup, only the stage is different, hmmm, minor Deja Vu there. Anyway, our hope to repeat treble season 99 suddenly lost, "thanks" to Sir Alex who gambled on a bunch of youngsters during that big match. (Aku sebenarnyer lebey tension ngan Berbatov, warghhh..!!!)

Ok, enough bout the lost, thats a common thing in football, just admit it with positive minded. (Sebenarnyer, makin pikir main tension, arghh)... Let me continue to share with you why I started to support MU 15 years ago. Last post I stopped at 1st reason and now I give the 2nd reason for that...Secondly, of course because of the reputation of Eric ‘The King’ Cantona. Just ask any senior MU fans out there, who can forget all his spectacular goals during his time with MU? And his famous kungfu kick towards Crystal Palace fan who jeered him after he was dismissed during the game? Whatever positive and negative subjects, Cantona for me was the greatest hero and idol at that time by looking at his caliber and goal scoring instinct with his ‘cool’ collar style! Sadly, he retired from footy quite early for any footballers at the peak stage. The fan’s chant towards him, “Ooh, ahh Cantona” was the nice sound to be remembered.

After that, the other factor maybe because of the rising star of youngsters; Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, Butt, and Neville Brothers who came from MU Academy Class of 92 (except Giggs who was from earlier class). That time, it was great to see Beckham and Giggs passed the ball each other by lobbing the ball from left and right flank which looks so easy to them! Also several long range trademark goals from Scholes and energetic movement from Gary Neville by exchanging position with Beckham at the right side of the field. It’s nice to think that MU had a great backup like all these talents by the time their senior players retired from football. What a great confirmation for future’s success, haha! And of course, 1 of marvelous moment, a Beckham goal against Wimbledon from centre of the field by lobbing the ball past Neil Sullivan who running like a child toward his own goal trying to catch the ball. From that time, most people start thinking that 1 more player is going to achieve his own legendary status at Old Trafford...

And last but not least, honestly, one more major factor was because of my generation factor. I mean, when i was growing up, MU can be considered as the best team in Premier League. Most of my friends at the same or nearly age as me who starting to follow the footy world since primary school were supporting MU rather than other teams. Simply because of the club's reputation and that day's current performance. For example, I believed, most of Malaysian people from earlier generation were Liverpool supporters because at their time in 70's and 80's, that was the golden era of Liverpool. The best example were my uncle, Cik Aput, Abe Dene, Abe Jaha and Abe Amir who all of them are Liverpool fans..! And for me, MU was 1 of the best moment happened in my life since i was kid and from that time, no matter what happened to MU's high and low condition, we are going to support our beloved club. Simply like that.

There were a huge amount of things about my life as an MU supporters, quite impossible to write it all within this blog. My last word, I really cannot imagined my life without supporting Manchester United. Maybe it sounded a little bit 'poyo' or overrated but honestly, it consistently keep cheering me up eventhough when i was down because of something terrible happened in my life. And just a few minutes ago at 5a.m in Malaysian time, MU just beat Portsmouth 2-0 in EPL and again, it cheered me up at least for a moment because today, a lot of things are waiting for me in the office..! Ok, i'm going to sleep now maybe for 1 more hour before going to the office, huhu..! Anyway:


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Me, Myself and Red Devil (Part 1)

Tonight, there’ll be an FA Cup Semi Final between Manchester United and Everton. Thinking of that match, I was smiling alone when I realize that I started to support Manchester United also when they faced Everton during 1993/1994 FA Cup Final. At that time, I was in standard 5 in primary school and before Manchester United, the only team I supported was Kedah FC! Because Malaysia league at that time (Liga Semi-Pro) was very competitive and entertaining compare to nowadays in term of quality and level of performance (anyone who didn’t agree with me, I’m sorry). It was so exciting to watch Malaysian league at that time and it even made me didn’t bother about English Premier League or other European leagues and competitions.

Maybe I started seriously to watch international football was during World Cup USA 1994. I bought the Official World Cup Guide Book published by New Straits Times from the bookstore in front of my school (SRK Kota, Kota Bharu) & of course I still remember the player at the cover page was a Colombian star, Carlos Valderrama who had a very unique hairstyle. At that time, my favourite player was Roberto Baggio & sadly, Italy lost to Brazil in the final at the Rosebowl Stadium because he didn’t scored his penalty kick, huhu..! Even without England, for me 1994 edition was the best World Cup tornament I ever experienced in my life..!

Ok, now back to my main intention for writing this post, hehehe. When I started to support MU during that 1993/1994 FA Cup, their reputation was already among the top. However, the league was lead and won by Blackburn which the main factor because of their deadly striker, Alan Shearer. So MU was desperate to win something on that season and their only chance was FA Cup. But, on that final match which broadcasted live in Malaysian tube, (RTM or TV3..?), they didn’t have luck and lost to Everton by 0-1 and I still remember the great performance by Everton’s chubby keeper Neville Southall! But I was getting excited to watch the like of MU players such as Giggs, Sharpe, Cantona, Bruce, Pallister, Keane, Schmeichel, Kanchelskis and Irwin. Although they lost, their style of gameplay was very entertaining to watch.

The next season, the league was dominated by Newcastle which again the main factor because of Alan Shearer who I thought made a British transfer record on that time by moving from Blackburn (he was truly legend!). But when the league was reaching the end, I remember MU caught Newcastle several points (14 points I think) from behind & won the league! That season, I remember that 2 MU players who play the main factor behind the success were Cantona & Ince. At the same time, the young David Beckham, Paul Scholes & Gary Neville also started to catch the eye of the world.

I don’t know but maybe the main reason why I started to like MU at that time was because of their gameplay, style and skills from each player. There were a lot of goals created by the combination of Giggs’s hardwork & skill, Cantona and Andy Cole’s (just came from Newcastle) finishes, Keane and McClairs’s command and Kanchelskis’s running (just mentioned a few names). Also several goals from the tall Steve Bruce and Gary Palister who always scored from the corner kick (just like what Vidic and Ferdinand did today). Those two legends also created a very strong partnership at the back with Dennis Irwin and Paul Parker who later was replaced by the young Gary Neville. The strong fortress created by big Schmeichel also must be remembered beside all the goals scored.

Oopss, MU vs Everton match is about to start. I'll continue again next time. (Lagi pun kalo panjang2 kang koang bosan plak), haha..!

To be continued...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Body of Lies

First time I noticed about Ridley Scott's film was 'Gladiator' about 10 years ago..._He has always been very consistent in my mind as a filmmaker, just take a look at his other masterpieces such as Kingdom of Heaven and American Gangster..._Well, what really i can say about his movie this time..?_Hmmm generally, for me it simply couldn't reach the same level as his previous works..._I think the mistake that killed it for me was my high expectations towards this movie..._I didn't said that this was a bad movie, because it was still entertaining and pounding our heart with a few tense explosion and shooting scenes...

Body of Lies has many good elements and it does not have particularly bad elements..._The problem is we have already seen a lot of movies which expose the same plot, the same controversies and very similar structures and characters...

1st: The Arabian terrorist whose decision and mission makes sense when we see it from his point of view..._2nd: The leader or high range officer of CIA or FBI who give the direction to his agent at foreign country from his complicated high technology room at somewhere around US..._3rd: The agent who has good intentions but questions some of the instruction from his boss..._And of course after watching those kind of stories so many times such as The Kingdom, Lions for Lambs, Rendition and Syriana, I am starting to get a little bit boring of it..!_Maybe if I didn't ever watch those kind of movies and Body of Lies is the 1st movie of that kind i ever watch, i'm gonna give it a great credit..!

Also, all the big exciting scenes are left at the beginning of the movie..._After a couple intense scenes, the movie slows down to become quite boring and repetitious (too much scenes of teleconversation between DiCaprio and Crowe maybe?)

The cast is 1 of a few positive point of Body of Lies..._Beside the director, Ridley Scott, the main factor that made me want to watch this movie because of the combination of DiCaprio and Russel Crowe..._DiCaprio recently always come out with a few heavy action flicks such as Blood Diamond and The Departed which for me was a great performance..._And this time, its good to see that he still maintain that reputation..._same also with Crowe who his reputation cannot be denied although his character in this movie was a little bit boring and not enough challenge for the actor of his class..._1 more positive thing was the visual camera which set up several amazing shots especially with overhead camera angles (satellite view) and beird eye view towards each cities involved in this film...

Overall, Body of Lies was an average movie, and I felt lucky to watch it in DVD instead of watching in cinema..._This is because for me, this movie is quite complicated, the plot is not easy to catch up and you definitely need a chance to pause the movie and thinking for a while..!_But the performances definitely make it worth your while, the surprise performance came from Mark Strong who plays the lead terrorist who DiCaprio must befriend, his performance was the one that stood out to me best..._1 thing i can say: GOOD PERFORMANCES FROM THE ACTORS BUT QUITE DISSAPOINTING THRILLER ALTHOUGH IT STILL WORTH IT TO WATCH..!

My Personal Rating:
6.5 out of 10

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another FAM's BAD decision...

'SELASO lepah', one more embarassing thing happened in Malaysian sport scene..._A chaos between fans of Kelantan and N9..._Outside the Sultan Mohamad IV Stadium, Kota Baru, angry fans burned a police vehicle after Kelantan lost 0-1 to N9 in the first leg of the FA Cup semi-final..._They also set fire to seven other cars, 1 of which belonged to the president of Kelantan's FA, Tan Sri Annuar Musa (errr, i hated him, but in this case i felt sorry for him..!)...
'Kawe ado jugok daghoh kelate' and i felt shameful for Kelantanese fans who involved in that immoral act..._maybe the fans who involved were just quarter of overall crowd..._but, what happened to the fans who were not guilty..?_after this they have to travel to Bukit Jalil to watch Kelantan 'home' match..._pity..._and, how about the student who had his eye blinded during the riot..?

Hmmm, 'sughak kaba ghoyak' the riot started after Kelantan goalkeeper Halim Napi bursted onto N9 player Aidil Zafuan after the match ended..._but why he did that..?_at 1st, when i read the local newspaper during the 1st, 2nd & 3rd days after the tragedy, i felt that Halim Napi was the 1 who must be blamed..._Aidil said, before the fought started, he just told Halim 'main bola bukan kaki' after Halim hardly tackled him...

'Tapi pagi nih pulok kawe baco' Kosmo and Utusan, after 3 days keep silent for that incident, Halim said that Aidil Zafuan lied to media about the 'true story'...._Halim said that Aidil provoked, turned down his dignity and showed the immoral sign to him in front of 20,000 crowd..._he said that Aidil should show some respect to senior player like him..._so, who the one to be blamed here..?

'Gapo hok kawe tok puah ati nyo', is about the short FAM's decision to ban Kelantan from using the Sultan Mohamed IV Stadium in Kota Baru as their home venue for the rest of the season as punishment..._did FAM has investigate the whole incident before issued the sanctions..?_of course not, this was because they just took about a day to fined Kelantan FA..._its true that most of the incident were caused by Kelantanase fans but how about the the one who started it..?_Kelantan were also hit with a RM90,000 fine & ordered to play all their home matches, including youth and age-group tournaments, at a 'NEUTRAL' venue..._what the hell means NEUTRAL..?

'Gapo hok kawe pehe' NEUTRAL' venue means the stadium that is fair located between the two teams who will play the match..._but in this 'NEUTRAL' case, how about the next Kelantan game vs Selangor which will be held at Bukit Jalil..?_ask everybody, which state Bukit Jalil located and they'll answer 'SELANGOR'..!_so, actually Bukit Jalil is also a home grown for Selangor beside Shah Alam Stadium..._is it fair for Kelantan after they are going to lost about rm2million (as a result for cannot earn the ticket profit at Kota Bharu), or to other team in Super League who want to catch up Selangor..?_So, its not just unfair to Kelantan only but also unfair to other team outside Klang Valley..!

'Kesimpule sini nyoh':-

1) FAM did a decision too quickly, they should investigate on Aidil Zafuan also...

2) The sanction and fined issued by FAM was too extreme and at the same time, WEIRD..!

3) Tuan Guru Nik Aziz has spoken, 'jange buat lagi lepah nih, buat malu jah..!' and i hope Kelantanese will follow Tuan Guru's order..!